is sponsoring a new effort in Germany to end Organized Crime's criminal extortion racket against the German restaurant and retail industry. Restaurants and retail outlets with substantial income are targeted all over Germany by Organized Crime Groups and forced to pay "Protection Payments" to the group. Each month a "Protection Payment" must be made by large shops and restaurants to these Organized Crime Groups, just like in Italy where it is called "Pizzo" in Italian.

Why Germany first you may ask. Well Germany has the lowest crimes by police anywhere in the world which guarantees the best results to the citizens who participate with ADDIO PIZZO INTERNATIONAL. Who knows, maybe Germany will be the only country with LOW ENOUGH POLICE CORRUPTION to even conduct such highly secure operations against Organized Crime Groups. We would hope that other countries would have the ability to work securely, however we have yet to find one that even begins to compare to Germany's police quality.

has a Military Grade Encryption system that allows all restaurants and retail stores to coordinate completely anonymously with the police to stop these Criminal Organizations. Just as the videos that were on the Italian said, the police cannot stop Organized Crime by themselves but must have help from the population itself.

ADDIO PIZZO INTERNATIONAL however, will not place signs on the restaurants or retail outlets notifying the criminals that the owners of the shops are working with the police. This would only invite violence from the criminal organizations against the owners of the restaurants and shops. instead will use its unbreakable encryption that is Military Grade and cannot be read in any way on its secure trip over the Internet. Information will be provided to the shops and restaurants on what procedures to take to begin using this service.

Anyone can join now by using the HTTPS SSL Contact form on the main menu or this web address here:


When you contact us, one of our representatives will give you a Signup ID for the website. You will then login and recieve instructions to begin.

is therefore donating its servers and personnel to establishing a similar organization funded by the Brussels EU government just like the Italian organization in Italy which is also funded by the EU in Brussels. is a security company and one of the few companies worldwide with a perfect record in the fight against Organized Crime.

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